This page introduces you to the school governors. We are a mix of parents, teachers, local authority and Church elected governors . We are all volunteers and give our time because we are committed to the school and want to provide the best possible primary experience for the children in an inspiring, nurturing and safe environment.

Governors take general responsibility for the school and its budget and play an important role in raising school standards. They shape the strategic direction of the school, hold schools to account and monitor and evaluate performance. Governors set the aims and objectives for the school and ensure that the school has high expectations and promotes effective teaching and learning to help all pupils achieve their potential. Governors are here to offer support and challenge to the school.

Our role is strategic – overseeing the school vision and ensuring everything is in place to achieve this vision. We do not get involved in the day-to-day running and management of the school as that is the responsibility of the Head Teacher.  We welcome and value your thoughts and comments, and we are happy to listen. The only time when this would be inappropriate is if you have a complaint, which has to follow the correct procedure. This is described on this website under school policies. In this case governors have to try and remain ‘untainted’ for legal reasons.

School Governors

Chair of Governors: Mr M Brown
Vice Chair of Governors: The Revd R Figg
Mrs K Gale
Mr D Gardner
Mrs R S Harmer
Dr P Nicholson
Mrs K Shaw
Mrs C Threlfall
Mrs D Tobin
Mrs C Hunter
Mrs K Beswetherick
Dr R Proctor
Mrs S Millward-Sampson
Miss J Cousins

Clerk to Governors: Lancashire Governor Services

Governor Attendance 2019/20
Governor Attendance 2020/21

Dr Peter Nicholson (Finance & Buildings Committee) Parent Governor Foundation Governor, PCC Appointed 

Term of office: 11th April 2019 to 10th April 2023

Appointed: 11th April 2019
Previous Parent Governor: Term of office: 10 March 2015 to 09 March 2019

My daughter, Ellie, has been a pupil at the school since 2012.  She has always been happy at Yealand School and continues to thrive in an environment that is warm, friendly and supportive. I believe these early school years are crucial in our children’s development, providing them with the necessary tools to develop and grow into independent and confident young adults. This is my first position as a school governor and I look forward to doing what I can to support the staff and children of Yealand School over the next four years.

No business interests to declare.

David Gardner – ( Chair of Finance & Building Committee) Foundation Governor, PCC appointed

Term of office: 15th November 2017 to 14th November 2021

Appointed: 1st November 2009

I have lived in Yealand for over ten years and regularly worship at St.John¹s Church. I was asked to consider becoming a governor of Yealand C of E Primary School and in 2009 I was appointed as a Foundation Governor by St. John¹s PCC. I currently serve on the Building and Finance committee.
On a personal note, my daughter attended Yealand School and I have seen first hand how the benefits of such a close knit and supportive school encourages the best from the children and supports them as individuals

Business interests to declare: B4RN, Community Broadband, Shareholder.

Ruth Harmer – (Chair of Curriculum & Staffing Committee, SEN) 

Local authority appointed Governor

Term of office: 23rd March 2021 to 22nd March 2025

Appointed: 15th January 2009

I have been a governor at Yealand for five years and am really passionate about the school. I joined the governing body because I wanted to help the school be all that it can be, providing the best education, experiences and environment possible for its pupils. I live in the village and my eldest son, along with his younger brother, are the ‘third generation Harmers’ to attend the school, following on in the footsteps of both their father and grandfather. I have worked in the public sector for almost 10 years with significant experience in audit, standards and recruitment, I am currently Chair of the Staffing and Curriculum committee and am also the nominated governor for special educational needs.

No business interests to declare.

Kerry Shaw (Building & Finance Committee) 

Foundation Governor, DBE Appointed

Term of office: 1st September 2020 to 31st August 2024

Appointed: 1st September 2016 

I was appointed a Governor in September 2016 and am looking forward to contributing to our community through this post. I  moved to Yealand with my family in 2006, when I joined the teaching staff at Lancaster Girls’ Grammar. I attend St John’s church in Yealand and believe strongly that village schools such as Yealand help to make the community stronger and more cohesive . As a teacher in the secondary sector I believe that a pupil’s experience at primary school plays a very important role in how they settle and make the most of their secondary school years. Through being a governor I would like to work with the staff and pupils at Yealand to ensure that everyone reaches their full potential.


No business interests to declare.

Caren Threlfall (Curriculum & Staffing Committee)
DBE appointed Foundation Governor

Term of office: 01 October 2020 to 30 September 2024

Appointed: 1st October 2008

I came to live in Yealand in 2001 when my two girls started at Yealand School. Four years later the PCC of St John’s Church asked me to become a foundation governor. Since then I have worked particularly on staffing and curriculum committees. I also attend the Pupils’ Council as the governors representative. I have taught Art at Yealand  and other primary schools and especially enjoy decorating the classroom windows and working with the junior children for the Dallam Art competitions.

Business interests to declare: Swift Visuals Ltd, Artwork/ Teaching art work in Schools.

Diane Tobin (Finance & Building Committee) 

Staff appointed Governor

Term of office: 01 July 2018 to 30 June 2022

Appointed: 16th April 2007

I have been a Teaching Assistant at Yealand C of E School for 11 years, working with all the year groups from Reception to Year 6. I have been been a Governor for 7 years.
I have always felt privileged to be at Yealand School and being part of a team that are committed to making the school an inspiring place for the children to learn and grow in a caring, nurturing environment.

No business interests to declare.

Katrina Gale – Headteacher 

Term of office: Ex Officio

Appointed: 16th October 2014

I have been married for many years and have a large family of five boys, I am not originally from these parts but have lived locally for the past 20 years. When free time allows I enjoy swimming, spending time with my family, friends and chocolate labrador Poppy. My family worship at St Oswald’s in Warton and are very proactive within the church community, our faith is an important part of who we are.

I love teaching and the opportunity to work in partnership with families to ensure that all children have an enjoyable learning experience that enables them to be good citizens with a continued thirst for knowledge and new experiences.

Coming to Yealand has been a very unique, enjoyable and exciting experience and very different from my previous teacher and Governor roles. In my previous senior leadership position I lead the Early Years key stage and sat as Teacher Governor for three years. Both roles gave me the experience to grow as a teacher; my previous school had an above average number of children in receipt of Pupil Premium and pupils with English as an additional language, which both presented their own challenges.

I feel extremely privileged to be a part of Yealand C of E school, working closely with a very experienced, supportive staff and an amazing group of children.

No business interests to declare.

Dr Robin Proctor
Parent Appointed Governor
Term of office: 4th June 2019 to 3rd June 2023

Appointed: 4th June 2019  

I moved to Yealand in 2015 and live in the village with my wife and twins who attend Yealand School.   From my own now dim memories of attending primary school as well as seeing my children grow through this stage of their lives I realise how important a nurturing environment is.  When the opportunity to become a parent governor arose in 2019 I put myself forwards for my first governor position to offer support to the school in continuing to provide the best possible environment for every child.
Interests to declare – B4RN shareholder.

Malcolm Brown (Chair of Governors)
Foundation Governor, PCC Appointed 

Term of office: 18th April 2017 to 17th April 2021
Appointed: April 2017

I moved to Yealand Redmayne from Northamptonshire just before Christmas 2016 and joined the Governing Body in April 2017. I was previously a governor at my daughter’s school in Milton Malsor for 12 years, so whilst I am very much new to the school I hope I have a reasonable understanding about my role.

I still work full-time managing a number of I.T contracts including support for the Metropolitan Police 999 system but have longstanding links to the area as my wife, a retired headteacher, grew up in Over Kellet.

No business interests to declare.

The Revd Robin Figg (Vice Chair of Governors)
Foundation Governor

Term of Office: Ex Officio
Appointed: 4th September 2017 

I took up my role as Vicar of Warton and Borwick with Yealand in September 2017 and, as such, I am delighted to be a foundation governor of Yealand Primary School. I have come to north Lancashire after 16 years as Vicar of Kildwick (near Skipton) in North Yorkshire. Throughout my time at Kildwick I was a foundation governor of Kildwick CE VC Primary School and greatly valued my contact with the school community. I was also a regular visitor at Glusburn Community Primary School.

I attach great importance to the link between the local church and school, as we both seek to serve the community. I value my regular visits to the school to lead collective worship and I am pleased that the school comes to St John’s Church regularly for whole school worship and to celebrate important festivals and occasions during the Church year.

Business interest declare: None

Clare Hunter (Curriculum & Staffing, Finance & Buildings)
Foundation Governor

Term of office: 8th January 2017 to 7th January 2025
Appointed: 8th January 2017 
We moved into our house in Yealand Redmayne in June 2016, but we had been building our house for a while before that, and working on the B4RN install also helped  – so I might not have lived here all that long, but I know the area quite well and have met with many people before we moved in. 

I am really interested in the community here and feel the school is a big part of that, so to try to help the school I became a governor. It has also surprised me, when I have done something with the children, how much fun I’ve had.  

Business interest declare: B4RN, Community Broadband, Shareholder. 

Kirsty Beswetherick (Link Governor)
Teacher Governor (co-opted)

Term of office: 30th November 2017 to 29th November 2021

I started at Yealand 4 years ago as a full time classroom teacher teaching our youngest children in EYFS and Ks1. Since then I have had a second child and after my maternity leave a year ago  I came back to work 3 days a week in the Little Owl’s room and Robins class alongside my job share Kathryn Brown. I was appointed teacher governor in September 2017.

Previous to Yealand I lived in Bath with my husband until I had my first child who is now nearly 6 years old and we decided to move closer to family. In Bath I worked in a large primary school and was part of the senior leadership team leading Literacy and Key Stage 1. I have always wanted to be a teacher and I remember when I started my first day at Bath University I knew that my aspirations of becoming a teacher had started to come true!

I have enjoyed being part of Yealand C of E school, we are lucky to have an amazing group of children and be part of a community who help make Yealand a caring and friendly place to work. I hope to help Yealand continue to grow and inspire our young children.

Business interest declare:None

Susan Millward-Sampson
Foundation Governor, DBE Appointed 

Term of Office: 02/10/2019 to 01/10/2023

I have three children at Yealand school and have seen first hand the difference that the small, caring environment has made to them. I had worked at the school one day a week for a couple of terms and fell in love with the nurturing ethos. I now want to give some of that commitment back and help wherever I can. My special interest is early years as my training and teaching experience is in the area.

Jennifer Cousins
Parent Appointed Governor

Term of Office: