The ‘Friends of Yealand School’ are mainly parents/ carers and staff of the school. We meet once every half term to consider events and opportunities and raise funds for the school. Regular events include the Summer Fete and BBQ, but we are always looking for new ideas and opportunities. Money raise supports various activities including the purchase of books, classroom and outdoor equipment, visits for the children and help to ensure that the resources are available to maximise opportunities for learning.

Secretary- VACANCY
Treasurer- Robert Caton

We are always looking for additional helpers particularly from KS1, to get involved with the Friends so we can handover to the next generation in coming years. Please think about whether you could offer to help with Friends and possibly stand as an officeholder. We would also like fresh ideas for fundraising, events and items you would like your funds spent on.

Raise funds for School

The Friends of Yealand School through its membership to PTA-UK, have set up a fundraising page:

If you shop online occasionally or regularly, you can logon to,uk and search for Yealand CE Primary School Carnforth, where you can then raise funds for the school at no extra cost to yourself.

There are over 2000 retailers registered on there and when you buy goods from them they donate cash to our school.

There is also a toolbar called Find and Remind which you can download, so whenever you search for something on line, if that company is registered, the toolbar will remind you to shop through the website, you don’t need to log off, once downloaded it is just one click on the tool bar.

Happy shopping and even happier free fundraising.