Science Policy

Science is a vital part of our learning here at Yealand. The National Curriculum objectives are woven into our creative curriculum, with different topics throughout the year having a science focus.

The children are provided with lots of opportunities to learn through investigation and enquiry, such as building a wall out of mud bricks when exploring materials in Robin Class, or mixing different solids and liquids in Swallow class to explore reversible and irreversible changes. We love any opportunity to get messy!

We also take part in British Science Week, and as part of British Science Week 2018 we visited The Catalyst Museum in Widnes. This year (2019) we decided to have a focus on Working Scientifically, and gave the children in each class a selection of materials for them to explore and investigate, This was very much child led, and the children followed their own lines of enquiries to carry out fair test investigations: forming questions, making predictions, closely observing and measuring and interpreting their findings. Robin Class explored and investigated lots of different types of salt, whilst Swallow Class explored and investigated a wide range of bubble baths. If you need to know whether more bubble bath creates more bubbles, or whether the most expensive bubble baths will give you more bubble for your money, just ask Swallow Class. As you can see from the photos, they make a terrific group of real Scientists!

We also ensure our children have the opportunity to learn more about Science through extra-curricular activities, and during Autumn 2018 had an after-school STEM Club (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). This was a huge hit with the children, and we hope to have the STEM team back again soon.

We find the following websites useful resources to aid scientific learning:

BBC Terrific Scientific



BBC Bitesize KS1 Science

BBC Bitesize KS2 Science