History at Yealand

At Yealand CE Primary School, we a wealth of hands-on learning experiences on our door step which we try to incorporate into our curriculum. During our topic work, children are given the opportunity to visit different sites of historical significance to help them retain historical knowledge and skills, such as experiencing life in a castle at Muncaster Castle, exploring Lancaster’s heritage including links with the slave trade, investigating Egyptian life through interactive workshops and online museum talks.

We encourage visitors and people from the community to come into the school and talk about their experiences of events in the past. Our aim is to make these experiences memorable for the children so that it deepens their understanding.

We believe History is an important subject and the local links are vital as we want children to understand how the past has shaped the place in which they live, and how they will continue to shape it in the future. Of course, as not all aspects of history can be taught by relating to our locality, children also learn about historical events both here in the UK and beyond. We want to give children a secure knowledge of the chronology of history, as well as enabling them to have deeper learning experiences of some of the more significant turning points in national and global world history.


History Policy

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