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North & South Pole
Come and Join the Celebration

The second half of the Autumn Term Swallow Class are learning about the most Northern and Southern continents in the World along with looking at all the different ways in which we celebrate.

November and December are full of  Celebrations and days of Remembrance and during the next few weeks the children will spend some time looking at some of these special events.

Day of Enlightenment (Buddhism)

Swallow Class visited the Kadampa Buddhist Temple in Ulverston, there they met Geoff who spent the day showing the children, Mrs Gale and Mrs Hunter around the teaching centre and the magnificent Temple. During the visit there was an opportunity to watch some artists at work creating the most amazing Buddha statues. The children learnt that the last part of a Buddha statue to be added is the eyes and a special prayer is said as the eyes are complete to awaken the statue as Buddha.

All around the beautiful historical Buddhist teaching centre there are statues and inside the temple itself there are an array of different Buddhas that adorn this peaceful place. 

No visit would be complete without a picnic and what a fabulous room to have it in on a chilly November afternoon.


Buddhist Prayer Flags

Continuing the work on Buddhism, the children have made some Tibetan Buddhist Prayer flags, these have been placed in the Retreat for everyone to enjoy. They are made of paper so eventually will display as the prayers are carried away in the wind.






For those who couldn’t make the Meet the Teacher Evening we have attached the power point presentation for you to take a look at.  Class 2 Meet the Teacher Presentation


Walk like an Egyptian 

During this terms topic the class visited the Egyptian Exhibition at the World Museum in Liverpool.


During the visit the children recorded some of the different objects that they saw and did a little bit of fact finding along the way.




The Mummy Room was a favourite; there were real Mummies from different time periods in Egyptian life.

Before we left we took some time to relax and marvel at the local architecture. 


Stay and Learn

Swallow Class welcomed parents, grandparents and friends along today to share all the learning that has taken place during the half term topic; Walk like an Egyptian.


Marvellous Mountains